Grouplessons Ski

Blue slope:
The children drive down safely the blue slope «Waldera» and do not even dare to hit the red piste. 

Red slope:
The children must be able to drive down safely the red slope «Holz». In this group the children will go through the education of Blue Star, Red Prince/Princess, Red King/Queen, Red Star and Black Prince/Princess. 

Swiss Snow Academy (Black slope):
The adolescent’s must be able to drive down the red slope «Holz» in controlled short turns. They have already gone through the education of Swiss Snow League until the Black Prince/Princess and are at least 10 years old. 
The young people work under the coaching of a teacher in the categories Race, Freestyle and Freeride. After obtaining a star the young people get their personal Swiss Snow Academy Card with it they can benefit of many special offers. Register with your card number under and you’ll find everything else on this page.

On Monday they will present a descent and will be divided into groups which will correspond to their level.